Intellectual Capital & Proprietary Investment Capabilities

  • Highly differentiated, advanced, proprietary investment process focused on effective risk management and primary research. Our overall investment approach was developed during Chief Investment Officer’s years as a market maker and proprietary trader at the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
  • Highly skilled quantitative and investment research team.

Client Focused

Innovative strategies developed to achieve:

  • Risk-adjusted returns
  • Reduced downside volatility
  • Diversified return streams
  • Relatively lower levels of correlation

Experienced, Accomplished Leadership

  • Experienced institutional team from asset management firms
  • Successful track record building alternatives based asset management businesses

Operational Strength

  • Strong process managed operation
  • Heavy integration of leading technologies throughout the firm

Risk Management

  • Enterprise risk management framework integrated into firm culture


  • Highly liquid
  • Transparent
  • Fee-competitive


  • Seeks to achieve competitive results over full market cycles
  • Active risk management
  • “Our deep market experience coupled with well-grounded research, make our solutions unique”
    Aaron Izenstark,
    Co-founder, Chief Investment Officer
  • “Our investment strategies are developed using quantamental approaches and follow a disciplined process – seeking to deliver consistent results and eliminate biases.”
    Dr. Ramesh Poola, Ph.D.,CFA,
    Managing Director of Investment and Quantitative Research
  • “Since inception in 1994, we are deeply committed to building robust investment products that can serve our client’s goals in every market condition”
    Howard Nixon,
    Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer


Maintaining Integrity: A State of Mind at IRON Financial